Hey there! My name is CJ and I’m the face behind MadeByBlink.

1. If there is a dog, cat or other pet in the near vicinity, you know where to find me. You best believe I make it a personal goal to befriend any doggo I come across.

2. Despite living in Southern California all my life, I love to find adventure whenever I can. And not just the "drive-to-popular-spots-on-instagram" kind of adventure, but the "hike-miles-through-the-rain-to-a-secluded-beach" or "find-out-how-offroad-ready-your-Prius-is" kind. I document lots of my trips on my travel blog, LetMeGrabMyCamera.

3. I'm an unapologetic camera/gear geek and can discuss it for hours.

4. It's almost guaranteed that if I'm in my car, I'm blasting my guilty pleasures (probably T-Swift) on Spotify while I shamelessly sing along. Thank you, window tint.

5. When I'm not shooting or editing a wedding, you can find me on my Triumph cruising along PCH or carving through the nearby canyon roads.

"When I was younger, my head was always in the books, whether it be a textbook or storybook. Of course I preferred the latter, because my imagination was free to run along these narrative roller coasters that the authors put onto paper. They'd take place in mystical lands or alternate realities, with characters facing as many trials as they do victories.

Now, I have the opportunity to tell the stories of others. To show their chemistry, their inside jokes, and their love for each other. Just as in any great story, I'm sure every couple has faced trials and struggles, but that only makes their wedding day that much sweeter. And it is my goal to show just how sweet that day is. "



CJ Motorcycle Photo