Have a question? Maybe we can help!

You may have found our work shared online, or maybe you were referred to us by family or friends. Regardless of how you got here, we definitely appreciate your interest!  We understand that searching for vendors is an intensive task, and that you likely have many questions for us!

Fortunately, we've compiled some of the most commonly received questions and answer them on this page! If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us

"What is your shooting style?"

Our number one priority when we film is to tell a story. Not only about the events that unfold on your wedding day, but also about you, your partner, and the connection that brings you together. We continually search for those touching moments that arise throughout the day, from the way a mother may tear up during the vows, to the gleaming smile that appears on a groom's face upon seeing the bride for the first time. At the same time we pay close attention to the lighting, angles, and audio for a truly cinematic experience.

Unlike some other studios, we do our best to avoid the "set-and-forget" philosophy of stationary cameras and swiveling around to follow the action. Throughout the day, we are constantly on the move, finding and capturing a variety of angles for your highlight.


"Do you offer drone footage?"

Yes we do! We cannot guarantee that we can fly over your venue, as we do have to follow FAA laws and as well as restrictions imposed by the venue itself. We generally avoid flying during the ceremony or reception, as their noise is very noticeable and can be distracting (if you can imagine a large swarm of bees, that's what drones sound like!). However, if that is something you definitely would want, we do offer the option of hiring a drone operator for your wedding day!


"How do you choose your music? Can we suggest songs?"

When it comes to our Cinematics, we believe that what you hear is just as important as what you see. The music is essentially the driving force of the mood and dynamic of any film or movie. With that in mind we pay extra attention to the music we use, in order to fit the vibe we get from the wedding day and the footage we capture. Since we love featuring vows, speeches, and written notes that we record throughout the wedding day, we gravitate to using instrumentals to keep voices as clear as possible.

Legally, we must use songs that we can purchase licenses of. Unfortunately, most well-known and mainstream songs cost thousands (if not tens-of-thousands) of dollars to license. On the flip-side, there are large libraries of amazing songs with varying genres and moods that we can license. If you are interested in browsing through these libraries we use for our music, please contact us and we can send you the link!


"Should we add a Second Videographer?"

It ultimately depends on your timeline! There are certain parts of the day that may run at the same time, and having a second videographer means being able to cover them (instead of me having to split my time). A second shooter also means having more creative angles to choose from in your edit!


"Do you travel for weddings?"

Absolutely! Our passports are up to date and we are open to traveling anywhere! For weddings outside of the OC, LA, and IE counties in California, travel fees will be calculated as an additional cost. Outside of California, we offer all-inclusive packages to make it easier for our clients! 


"We'd love for you to cover our wedding! How do we book you?"

Fantastic! Please fill our contact form and we'll be happy to give you more information on our packages and pricing!  We require a $1500 retainer fee to reserve your wedding date. The remaining balance will be due 14 days before your wedding.